June 29 to July 9, 2012

After living many years away from home in South Dakota, then Missouri,
this is my first trip back to Fargo/Moorhead in more than 4 years
and it was an amazing 11 days.


                                                                   Hmmm, is this how the self timer works?     OK, everyone smile!

The above photos were taken at the Red Dragon Coffee House in Fargo, North Dakota
on July 8, 2012 where I had a cappuccino malt with my two brothers
L-R: Modern Man, Rick Bruns and me.

My trip from Missouri back to my hometown of Fargo was made possible by my friends Kathi and Mark. 

The evening of June 30th we all enjoyed a fireworks display in Hawley, Minnesota
presented by Warren and my brother Rick.  Hawley's band, the speakers, a tribute to the 
local veterans and especially the fireworks were spectacular and a great way to start my vacation.
They did a GREAT job on this fireworks display as well as the Moorhead July 4th display five nights later.

On July 6th Rick, Carlotta and Camri hosted a BBQ and bonfire at their home outside Glyndon, MN,
that's them on the front step of their home.  On the right is Carlotta and Camri having pizza on June 29th
with Rick, Kathi, Mark and me at Billiards in Fargo, ND., my first night home in more than four years.

Above left is Shaunita with her adorable daughter Jazzy. 
Center L-R is me, Patty, Rick and Carlotta, Kathi and Mark and me and Rick on the right.

Below left is Shaunita, Jazzy, Shaunita's friend in the cap Mark, Kathi, me and Patty with 
Marcy, the German Shepherd, in the front.

Pyro Rick tossing something into the fire to make it glow green and on the right, Carlotta is snapping more pics of the event.

Carlotta and Rick Bruns above left.  Chatting about croquet on the right is Kathi, Mark and Patty 
with Carlotta, Shaunita, her daughter Jazzy and Rick tending the burgers in the background.

Below is Rick and Carlotta's beautiful German Shepherd Marcy.

Before we knew it, this wonderful evening was finished 
and we said good bye to Rick, Carlotta, Camri and Marcy.

July 7th, after spending the day with Kathi and Mark, I met Modern at the Spirit Room Gallery in Fargo
for the opening of the Ernesto Atkinson exhibit.  Elaine Lindgren, a former NDSU sociology teacher
was there so we visited awhile then she took a picture of Modern and me.


After meeting Modern at the Spirit Room, I drove to Juano's Restaurant where I met my niece Christy.  
And since my camera's TWO batteries were out of energy, I took this picture on the left of me and Christy 
using my cell phone in downtown Fargo standing in front of Christy's new Nissan Juke.  

I am so impressed with Christy ... and her new car.



Below is our family home on June 30, 2012. 
Kathi and I also stopped by Sunset Memorial Gardens and visited my parents Lester F. & Marceline P. Bruns


  Here's Mark keeping an eye on the hounds.

Above left are Kathi's dogs Marley who is still showing and her puppy London who will start showing soon.  
Above right is Shaun, her male, cut down and feeling much cooler.  Below left, Kathi's friend Roger 
(who owns Whippets) is communicating with Shaun and on the right, everyone's visiting in Roger's backyard.


Before I knew it, these few days with all the people I love in the world are over  
and I'm heading back to Springfield, Missouri's airport then driving south to Washburn.


If it wasn't for my friend Kathi in Fargo/Moorhead and Frank Smith, the wonderful
friend here in Missouri who took care of my cats and my home 
while I was gone, this never could have happened.

~ Until Next Year ~

(If anyone has pictures taken while I was in Fargo, please email them to me and I'll make sure they're posted.)