On July 11, 2011, a 6-week old kitten snatched from behind a Cassville, Missouri business just days before by 
Michael Weaver and was given a "forever home" by me and my other three 4-legged roommates a few days later. 

Above:  Harley's eating the first nutritious food he has ever had just minutes after we arrived home on July 11, 2011.  Up
to this time he had been sustaining life on pretzels and water so a high quality kitten food was exactly what he needed.   
And guess what, he knows how to use the litterbox. 

He was just so tiny.  Left: first day with me.  On the right, he's looking at me from the sofa.

Below: On the left he's hiding in a wicker waste basket, middle showing off those claws and on the right, dining on 
dry food always left out for the cats.  He's still so small that he can barely get his head over the edge of the bowl. 


On the left, Kenny apprehensively checks out the new 
kitty who is sleeping in Kenny's favorite kitty bed.



Center photo, all three in
my easy chair and below
they're enjoying tuna juice.

Harley weighed only 8 oz when I first got him but
w/good nutrition he gained 4 lbs in 2 months. 

















Left he's looking at the wildlife in the front yard. He loves that front window.


He's getting bigger as you can see in the photo below.  He went from under a pound 
when I got him on 07-11-11 to almost five pounds in less then two months.  Astonishing!
Harley and Frank sleeping together, aren't they cute? Harley these days on the right, about 12 lbs.


July, 2013: The boys relaxing together.


Because he's got such a roaring purr,I named him HARLEY.



Left: Kenny concentrating on a snake in the grass.   On the right he thinks he's found his new favorite spot.

Frank II below leftIn the middle photo he's sleeping with Ken in their favorite cat bed ... MY EASY CHAIR.  
And on the right Frank is hugging little Harley on the back of the same chair.



Ms. Nettie Jean Pike (below)She had 17 great years with me and went to kitty heaven in 2012.
During the time Nettie was w/me, we lived in five different states: Kansas, NM, ND, SD & Missouri.