My first look at the Hogwarts Castle when approaching the gates to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
It was magical, like a summoning charm was drawing me toward the school.    
Walking towards Hogwarts was unbelievable and even better then I expected it to look. 

By the way, beneath the Hogwarts crest  above are four Latin words:  Draco Dormiens Nunquam Tittilandus  which loosely translated says: 
                                                                                "Don't Tickle A Sleeping Dragon"


                                 No wonder poor Sandy was feeling extra hot.               







                An entirely real  (although simulated)  flight on our broomsticks took us around Hogwarts with Harry and Ron taking point.
                           It was four minutes of flying above Hogwarts, inside the castle and even around the Quidditch pitch.                    

   Here it is, The Hogwarts Express ready to pull out of the station and take us to school.

                   And below - WE'RE HERE!!!  

          Above is Hogsmeade Village looking down both streets leading to Hogwarts Castle taken with the panoramic setting.  


                            Below is the sign for The Hog's Head Bar in Hogsmeade on the way to Hogwarts.  
                                                              ( I never realized it until we were actually here but I think J.K. Rowling had an affinity for pigs.)

                                                   Below right is me enjoying a butterbeer at the Hog's Head Bar.
       Click on the centerpiece of the Hog's Head Tavern below to see it move.  It was truly creepy especially with those light blue eyes.


Here I'm standing outside The Three Broomsticks Restaurant.  See the broomsticks over the door?  I think they're old Firebolts.  
Sandy and I had a scrumptious meal here on our first day.   On the right is the inside of The Three Broomsticks.




   And here's our favorite character, 

   precious, little Dobby.  



  Going through the village and stopping in the shops.   Below we're standing in the doorway of a shop selling Mandrakes.


  Below Sandy is standing in front of oodles of pictures of Wizards and Witches from bygone days and half of them were moving.

Above left we're standing at the entrance to Dumbledore's Office and we didn't even need the password.  You can see Dumbledore
talking to us from his balcony.   Of course the sorting hat was nearby chattering away and the penseive was sitting there too, no
water in it though, or whatever it is that Harry plunked his head into in order to read whatever memory was just dribbled into it.

Above left snow is falling in the Dark Arts classroom.  You can see Harry, Ron and Hermoine talking to people from the balcony.
                                                        The middle and right photos are pictures inside the same classroom. 

      There's Hagrid's hut just under the roller coaster along with Buckbeak.  See him nestled in the twigs?

Below is Hogsmeade coming back from the castle and on the right are witches and wizards from Beauxbattons and Durmstrang .         

Harry's Park is located in one of two parks in Universal Orlando called  Islands of Adventure  where we spent two days.
Sandy and I each had a 3-day pass so on our last day we visited the other park in Universal Orlando called
Universal Park.  
Left and middle we're in New York City in the 1930s and next to that is Amity, New York where they had problems with sharks
back in the 1980s.  On the right is Sandy standing at the entrance to the park dedicated to Dr. Seuss.

Then after three days, Sandy and I finally drove our tiny rental car away from Universal Orlando forever.  It was over.


   And after a three hour flight,
                                               I'm HOME